Founders & Contributors

From Richmond Magazine "Musicology" Issue. copyright 2010 by Richmond Magazine.

Bill Pahnelas, Senior Editor. Then and now. Bill works near Ashland, Virginia, and no longer has that amazing beard.
Bill in 1979, photo by Rob Sauder-Conrad

Bill in 2009

Peter Blake, Senior Editor. Then and now: Peter today is a muckety-muck in the Virgina Community college system.

Peter (right) in 1979, with ThroTTle Business Manager Michael $ Fuller
(see Mike's today picture below)

Peter in 2009

Dale Brumfield, Production Manager. Then and now: Dale is a writer and published author, and looks like the guy who stares at you in the 7-Eleven.

Dale in 1980. Photo by Ronnie Sampson

Dale as he appeared on his book cover in 2010.
Photo by Jake Brumfield

Rob Sauder-Conrad, Artist and photographer. Just then. Rob started Freedom House in Richmond and currently lives in Chicago.

Rob in 1979

Genny (Seneker) Elias-Warren, Copy Editor. Then and now. Split Virginia to become a yankee.

Genny, 1981

Genny, 2009

Michael $ Fuller, Business Affairs Director. Mike was the first ThroTTle staffer to own a microwave oven.

Mike in 2009