Fossils and Relics

A collection of miscellaneous stuff from ThroTTle's first year. More stuff will be added as it is collected and scanned. Click on it to blow it up real good.

Cartoon by "Kaz", 1983.

Flyer from February, 1984

Commonwealth Times house ad, 1980. Designed and
written By Bill Pahnelas, Ronnie Sampson, Dale Brumfield

Ronnie Sampson's "Leonardo Live at the Vatican", Commonwealth Times, 1980

The original 1946 Life magazine where the cover from #1 originated. Add some
clip-art tires and voila! A magazine is born.

Article by Cindy Creasey about the Commonwealth Times, 12-7-80. Continues below.

Continued from previous post

Letter from Frank Zappa and self-portrait drawn by him for the Sept/Oct, 1981 issue.
The "Fry Everything in Richmond" comment refers to an improv piece he played in an
appearance at the Mosque in 1972. The original is owned by Dale Brumfield.

Marketing insert in issue #2 in March, 1981

(Left to right) Dale Brumfield, Mark Steinruck and ThroTTle Artist and contributor
David Powers, around 1978. Making music with fire extinguishers and brooms.

Dale Brumfield cartoon, 1980

Early advertisers, late 1981